Rondane Spa

We had an amazing week staying at the Rondane Spa hotel in Mysuseter. Here is a brief description of our trip. This was organised by XCUK. Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.


Clear blue sky

We took the red track to Rondvassbu. It was a steepish climb out of Mysuseter as far as Spranget then a gentle climb into the National Park. We had superb views of the hills and a great feeling of space. On the return we took the yellow track at Spranget giving us a gentler but longer route home.


Clear blue sky

We took the Troll-løypa to Pungen. From here we skirted West and then South round Furusjøen. We then went over a small hill to Rondablikk. The views all round were superb. We were tempted offtrack briefly to get to a viewpoint for the Rondane but a strange building was in the way. Instead of returning the way we had come we went on a track through Hovde and so round the Eastern end of Furusjøen. We rejoined the Troll-løypa and returned to Mysuseter.


Morning hazy blue sky, afternoon clear blue sky

We skied towards Raphamm (where the Rondeslottet hotel which we were originally booked into is). The track was undulating and went round the side of the hills giving superb views. We were occasionally challenged and were glad it was not icy. I did side step once or twice. We continued to Kringsæter and round to Furusjøen. The track goes quite high and we loved the feel of the hills - different from the Rondane.


Clear blue sky

Today we went to the Peer Gynt hut. We did not take a direct route but headed towards Rondvassbu. We then took a track that contoured round. The feeling of space and the views were wonderful. We had lunch at the hut and then took the direct route back to Mysuseter.


Hazy with light cloud.

We went to Rondablikk again but took the opposite route from the first time. We also took a slightly different route over the hill to the West of Rondablikk. We intended to take a track round the back but turned right too soon. The track we took followed a road - but was marked for skiing - over the hill. It gave superb views across to the Rondane. Later we saw two eagles soaring overhead.


Scattered sunshine, showers, wind

We went up Glitterdalen. Glitterdalen is a great place. The uphill is not too steep and the downhill is fun - recommended for a windy day. As we came out of the trees we felt the wind and decided to go back down and round the lake past Rondablikk. At the head of the lake we took a route that went over the shoulder of Hovde Piggen. This was enjoyable with a long gentle downhill. The wind was the main feature the rest of the way. It nearly beat gravity on some downhill bits and caused us to herringbone on the flat at times. A good tour none the less.