May 2002 Newsletter

The End is Nigh –

(or Members’ Slides Evening)

It was a very well attended evening, with most members present. A deceptively compact group expanded to fill the upstairs room with little space to spare for the slide projector and screen.

Three (yes, three, this must be a record for recent times) well-organised members arrived with slides.

Rob plunged us into backcountry skiing in the wastes of Canmore, Canada and unwisely introduced the little known sport of training bear scaring dogs. Could this catch on as the new extreme sport of 2003? Paul and Liz, as promised, telemarked and turned us around the Jackson Hole area of USA on a range of ski gear. Snow looked superb and skies were blue. Frank iced the cake with a Pyrenean tour on foot from a few years ago. Having skied in the area a while back it’s always interesting to see what it looks like in summer.

Many thanks to those above for their time and slides; they were very much appreciated.

If anyone thinks they are going to visit any of the areas mentioned, I’m sure that all of the above wouldn’t mind sharing any useful information to help in the planning.

Meetings and Social Events

Next Official Club Meeting – Pre AGM Evening

When? First Thursday in October 2002

Where? Our monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at the Fat Cat, Alma Street from 8 p.m. onwards.