Walk summary

Sketch map of walk


  1. The walk starts at (A) the the first bus stop after Fox House, (on bus route 272) GR -- SK263805. Go through the gate on the opposite side of the road to the bus stop and then almost immediately through a second gate. The footpath is wide and clearly defined.
    The gate at the start of the footpath The footpath with Higger Tor
  2. Follow the footpath under Burbage rocks and above Burbage Brook to the road at (B) GR -- SK262830. On the way enjoy the views of rock formations both to your left and to your right and of Higger Tor and Carl Wark to your left.
    Rock formations to the left Carl Wark and Higger Tor Burbage Edge
  3. At (B) the road goes over two bridges where two streams merge to form Burbage Brook. A path bears left just before reaching the road and crosses the two streams just below the bridges. Alternatively, continue to the road, turn left and cross the bridges.
    Bridge across the stream Bridge across the stream Bridge across the stream
    Either way join the road at the car park (GR -- SK 260830) and follow it for a short distance until it turns sharply left. At this point there is a footpath across the moorland on the right of the road. The path is marked by various small signs and a rock. Take this footpath and follow up and onto Stanage Edge.
    The path to Stanage Edge The path to Stanage Edge Rock at the end of Stanage Edge The path to Stanage Edge
  4. Follow the path along Stanage Edge, passing a trig point at GR -- SK251830. There are interesting rock shapes and lovely views.
    The path along Stanage Edge Trig point on Stange Edge Rocks on Stanage Edge Rocks on Stanage Edge
    There appear to be quite a few tracks off to the left down by the rocks. These are made by the many rock climbers who use the edge.
  5. Continue along the edge, passing through a gap in a wall and going round a piece of wooden fence across the path until (C) (GR -- SK240844) -- not long after the wooden fence. Here there is a path on the left that forks slightly left from the edge and has a rock base, a bit like a very shallow gutter. Take this path -- there is an isolated rock formation on the right of the path just after the fork.
    Gap in the wall Fence across path The path fork to take Isolated rock formation
    This path very soon bends sharply back and descends below the edge you have been walking along. The path goes through a gap in a wall and a couple of gates.
    The path goes through a wall Gate to go through Gate to go through
    Follow this path down to the road at (D) (GR -- SK239837) where there is a small toilet block by the road. There is a fork in the path as you get close to the road, take the fork that leads to the block.
  6. Cross the road. To the left of the toilet block there is a footpath sign for a footpath to Hathersage and Bamford.
    Footpath sign by the road
    Take this footpath and follow it, through trees, down to a gate. The footpath forks at the gate. Take the left fork that goes past North Lees Hall.
    Path through the woods Gate as the path emerges from the woods The path to take
    As you reach the hall, the path goes through a gate turns to the left, down some steps and passing a waymark, and then follows the drive of North Lees Hall down to the road.
    The gate near North Lees Hall
    A waymark stone to the right Looking back up the steps the path comes down
    North Lees Hall
  7. When you reach the road at (E), turn left and walk along the road looking for a footpath on the other side, up a small set of steps and over a stile. GR -- SK235831. (There is a footpath almost immediately that goes onto a drive to the nearby farm and up a slope the other side, where there is a waymark, but the other one is slightly easier.) Take this footpath and follow it to the left of the farm and across fields.
    Steps up from the road Waymark where the paths meet
    Take this footpath and follow it to the left of the farm and across fields.
    Gate on the path past the farm Gate to go through The path across he fields Hathersage Church in the distance
  8. At (F) GR -- SK234820 the footpath forks with one fork crossing the stream and following some steps to the left of the church. Take the fork to the right that follows the stream down to a track.
  9. Turn left onto the track and follow it, passing the cricket ground on your right, into the village of Hathersage to finish at (G) GR --SK231815.